Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seadek?

SeaDek is a superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional non-slip molded carpets. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, SeaDek is made from a UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam that does not absorb water and offers exceptional traction on wet or dry surfaces. The shock absorbing qualities of the SeaDek ensure maximum comfort on the water and fishermen appreciate its soundproofing properties. SeaDek is fully customizable and offers a pleasant aesthetic style for boats of all sizes.

How is SeaDek applied?

SeaDek uses a 3MTM acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive for strong bonding and easy peeling and gluing application.

Can SeaDek be applied to an existing non-slip surface?

Yes, SeaDek adheres very well to most molded anti-slip surfaces and aggregate type anti-slip paints when properly applied and maintained, provided the surface is thoroughly cleaned before installation. For extremely aggressive textures, we recommend that you send photos or take samples to test them.

What colours are available?

Click here to see our current colour options

What should I use to cut SeaDek?

For best results, use a razor knife with a fresh blade. You may need to change the blades during work, depending on the number of cuts made.

Can I get a custom cut product?

Yes, click here to contact us today for a personalized quote.

What is the cost per square foot?

Custom SeaDek pricing is based on the number of sheets used. Click here to contact us for specific pricing information.

What is the life expectancy?

Under the harshest conditions, SeaDek can be expected to last 5 to 7 years. If the boat is covered and/or well maintained, a longer life is likely.

Can SeaDek get hot?

As with all flooring products, darker colours will naturally become warmer in the sun. However, SeaDek will not become too hot to the touch and dissipates heat very quickly thanks to its closed cell structure.

If I choose to remove the pad, how do I proceed?

SeaDek is designed for semi-permanent installation, but can be removed. The best method is to use a plastic putty knife to pass under a corner, then grab and remove it. If the PE/EVA appears to stick and tear, apply small amounts of acetone to the PSA and continue to lift with the putty knife. You may want to ask for help from another pair of hands. Once the pad is completely removed, a small amount of PSA will remain on the surface. Soak with mineral spirits for 10 minutes, scrape off with the plastic putty knife and a cloth. Once the PSA is removed, use acetone to remove mineral spirits. Translated with

How to prepare the surface?

Use acetone or alcohol and a clean cloth to remove any dirt, sunscreen, wax, sweat, etc. Rub well and let dry completely. If the boat is new, you should repeat it several times, as new boats often have demoulding residues that can affect grip. Be sure to check local and national laws regarding chemicals before using any suspicious substances on water.

Are there any resources to help me do it myself?

We have several information videos on DIY, and others are constantly being added. Click here to see all the videos on our Youtube channel

Can you make custom logos?

Yes, we can cut logos and text if they are provided with a vector graphic of the logo, or with the desired text style. Please note that written permission will be required to produce any copyrighted logo.

Is the product suitable for pets (dogs)?

Many people use SeaDek to keep their pets firmly planted on the boat, but SeaDek is made of mixed PE/EVA foam, so if it is scratched or scratched enough, the product will tear. That being said, SeaDek's closed-cell material will not absorb water if it is perforated. SeaDek is not guaranteed against damage caused by pets.

At what temperature can the new product be applied safely?

It is recommended to apply SeaDek at temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit under dry conditions.

Will the product stain?

SeaDek is extremely stain-resistant, but some substances, such as fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust and mustard can be problematic if they are not treated quickly. Rapid attention to these types of spills will ensure easy removal.

What are your payment terms?

Once the final drawings have been accepted, we ask for 50% before manufacture and final 50% upon completion

How can I order samples?

Sample kits are provided free of charge to customers in France, simply fill out our sample request form

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